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Keeping Healthcare Convenient as Teladoc Experienced Surges in Service

Teladoc Needed to Sustain Rapid Growth While Still Providing Excellent and Efficient Service.

Teladoc is the largest telehealth provider in the nation, offering on-demand healthcare to more than 17 million members. Through web and mobile technologies, Teladoc provides access to physicians and behavioral health providers 24/7/365. Their service is designed to evaluate, diagnose and treat common medical conditions, reducing expensive and time-consuming emergency room or urgent care visits.

Teladoc’s organization was growing and required them to identify opportunities for efficiencies in cost, time and resources. The rapid influx of clients created an unmanageable work assignment for the Account Executive. Teladoc wanted to demonstrate to their clients that not only is their software the best, but they are proficient in their implementation workflow. They needed a partner to help them develop clearly defined processes for efficiency.

Additionally, Teladoc needed a detailed system documentation that would give their clients the ability to easily understand the tool they’re paying for. With the organization’s growth also comes a need to define resource requirements and specify what skill set would be most impactful inside the Teladoc team and to their client base.

Our Implementations Helped Teladoc Keep Services Up-To Speed
While Improving Experience.

Veracity provided day-to-day implementation assistance, quickly gaining experience with existing implementation process – identifying opportunities for improvement. It became clear that not all necessary tasks were being captured in the project plan, so we worked with the entire implementation team to identify and fill the gaps in the process. Additionally, there were client questions and issues that needed documentation to support, we captured and prioritized those needs as well.

Veracity worked with stakeholders to manage a project plan to track documentation needed for the implementation toolkit. A “Getting Started Guide” was created to summarize the end-to-end implementation process for Teladoc clients. Using the knowledge gained during phase one of the engagement, we provided executive recommendations to demonstrate process and revenue opportunities. Lastly, a position accountabilities and job requirement document was delivered to Teladoc upon initiation of phase two of the engagement for sourcing an Implementation Analyst to help the Account Executive in a full-time capacity.


Our recommendations streamlined and organized Teladoc’s process to satisfy their clients and keep their business growth on trajectory. A new Implementation Analyst and additional professional services resource will help Teladoc scale to industry demand in the future, so they will never be in a position to delay client implementations due to resource constraints. Teladoc now has an all-inclusive implementation plan, highlighting all tasks required for platform configuration and go-live. All client-facing documentation has been reviewed and a plan for necessary edits has been implemented. Also, the Admin User Guide and Provider User Guide are now complete and ready to share with Teladoc’s clients.