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Revamping the Winter Sports Brand Nivis, Online and On the Slopes.

Nivis Deserved Branding as Bold as the Skiers and Snowboarders Wearing Their Gear.

Nivis is a winter sportswear gear and apparel brand formed by passionate young snowboarders, or “riders,” as they’re known in the industry. The brand had a core following and an active social media presence but lacked a compelling visual identity. Nivis needed to carve out their own unique digital space and create an authentic brand experience. Nivis needed a partner to help transform their brand, building a better digital experience and boost recognition.

We Designed a Slick New Digital Experience, Elevating the Nivis Brand.

Veracity met with the Nivis team to understand their challenges as well as their vision for the brand. Our goal was to create branding that was not only unique, but also could be applied across a wide range of mediums, platforms and applications. We designed a new logo that was bold, stylish and versatile. The recognizable sloping mountain “N” logo could be used for apparel, accessories, signage and much more. In addition to the redesigned logo and brand elements, we created a fully redesigned Nivis website with improved functionality. The sleek new website included an immersive homepage, a refined shopping page and more thoughtful content pieces like the rider spotlight pages.


Veracity helped Nivis create a unique brand identity, one that aligns with the company’s mission and vision for the future. The redesign has positioned Nivis to expand their product line, increase awareness and build a better brand, online or on the slopes.