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The World’s Leading Cybersecurity Organization Needed Help to Crack the User Experience Code.

(ISC)² Needed a Streamlined Platform Built for Performance and Scalability.

(ISC)² is the world’s leading Cybersecurity and IT Security organization with more than 125,000 certified members who touch every aspect of information security. (ISC)² provides globally recognized certifications, networking, collaboration, development and leadership tools to its members.

For an organization as advanced as (ISC)², they had a host of outdated and legacy applications supporting their members, learning, websites and digital marketing domains. They enlisted Veracity to assess their technical architecture, develop a new digital strategy, and provide a roadmap to transform the systems and the member experiences driven by those systems. (ISC)² needed a trusted partner to help redesign their primary website, implement a new experience management platform and migrate content off of Ektron to a new site being implemented within Sitecore.

From Sleek Web Design to Digital Strategy and Technology,
We Evolved the (ISC)² Experience.

We started this engagement by developing digital strategy that included user research and competitive analysis. From the initial analysis, we created a roadmap for phasing in a new customer experience platform and redesigned website in order to drive richer user experiences. With Sitecore driving the experience, we enabled increased personalization, deeper engagement analytics and marketing automation tools. In parallel, a technical architectural assessment was conducted to create a roadmap for replacing their workforce automation platform, CRM, Member Portal and Learning Management platforms. Once these planning components were complete, the new website was designed and implemented on Sitecore and content was migrated from their unsupported legacy platform, Ektron.


The redesigned website is live on the Sitecore platform and has already driven much higher engagement. Redefined digital presence is allowing the organization to move toward implementing more advanced engagement concepts such as personalization laid out during the digital strategy. Geo-targeting was implemented for personalizing content to different regions quickly after launch based on the new flexible platform being in place to support such initiatives; this was impossible before our modernization of the platform.