Customer Experience

Gain a 360° view of your customers with an all-encompassing strategy.

Stay Relevant in Today’s Business Landscape by Expertly Managing Your Customer Experience

In our always connected, multichannel, technology hungry world, customers interact with organizations in a multitude of ways. For organizations to compete and stay relevant, they must adopt strategies that are constantly improving customer satisfaction, retention, and interactions in a rapidly evolving technical landscape.

Veracity’s customer experience group brings together integrated cross-discipline teams, develops strategies that help our clients manage the entire customer experience, and build data-driven solutions that track every interaction a customer has with a brand. We give our clients a 360-degree view of their customers and members so they can improve relations, deliver superior experiences, and create brand loyalists.

Our approach requires that we specialize in the selection, implementation, and integration of digital technologies, including Marketing Automation, Content Management, Commerce, Mobile, Connected Devices, Cloud, Customer Relationship Management, and Analytics. These technologies must also integrate with almost every internal system within an organization to truly provide what the new era customer demands.

Through defining strategy, implementing modern digital marketing tools, and aligning technical and marketing resources on a common vision, we help our clients meet customer demands while achieving a loyal, trusted customer relationship.

Focus Areas
  • Customers Experience Strategy & User Research
  • Content and Experience Management & Technologies
  • Integration of Internal Systems (CRM, ERP)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Campaign Strategy, Planning & Execution
  • Engagement Plans Measurement
  • Personalization Targeting & Engagement Analytics
  • Customers Experience Strategy & User Research

Improving internal & external processes to deliver continual insights, targeted & relevant information & rich user experiences across all channels.

Customer Experience Management Offerings

Veracity realizes that achieving a superior customer experience requires integrated teams from various disciplines. Not only do we provide cross functional teams with the required tenure for success, we partner with your internal teams to create a continuously improving customer experience strategy.

Organizations that develop and implement an integrated single view of a customer across all channels surpass their competitors. They can achieve key benefits such as: increased customer loyalty, cost reductions and efficiencies, increased market share, and new customer acquisition. To promote and expedite change, we prioritize investments, transform the customer journey, and implement unified customer experience strategies throughout the enterprise. Veracity leverages our years of experience working in digital marketing and technology to provide our clients proven approaches that can be implemented in a phased testable manner. Our approach focuses on:

We will work with you to understand what data insights are available today and how these can drive improved customer engagement, as well as create opportunities for better managing future investments.
We employ a variety of different methods to get to the heart of your customer and truly understand their user journey. These deep insights begin to inform our customer anthropology and our journey mapping capabilities.
We live and breathe your customer to fully understand their world, going beyond demographics, to contextualize their experiences into a brand loyalist.
We will work with you to identify your 360-degree view of the customer by combining technical and user experience depth to map and seamlessly integrate all data points and interactions for the customer.
Valuable content is an essential part of attracting, engaging and retaining customers. Not only do we craft quality content, but we ensure users are able to easily find and interact with it through exceptional user experience.
Developing an effective communication and engagement plan is essential to customer experience strategy. We can guide you through the entire process from developing the strategy to execution of the tactical plan.
We can help you assess your digital landscape, identify and select new technologies, as well as implement and integrate the solutions within your enterprise.

Let us help you manage your entire customer experience and build data-driven customer relationship management solutions that will ensure you deliver every customer the right message, in the right place, at the right time... every time.