Custom App Dev, Integration & Digital Technology

Gain the Advantage of Technology Tailored to You.

We Leverage Deep Domain Experience, Coupled with Technological Expertise, to Provide the Right Solution and Technology.

We immerse ourselves in our client’s world, their people, members, customers, and technologies so that we can develop custom applications. Discovering our client’s unique needs allows us to provide strategic benefits, market advantage, business differentiation, improved time to market and increased flexibility.

Digital transformation looks different for every enterprise; there is no “one-size-fits all” when it comes to digital solutions. That’s why we craft custom solutions and equip our clients with technology that will help them adapt to the future. From unique applications to CMS solutions, we find the best fit for any organization.

Focus Areas
  • Enterprise & Solution Architecture
  • Custom Enterprise Solutions
  • Cloud-Based Solutions
  • Continuous Integration & DevOps Execution
  • Systems Integration
  • Information-Based Measurement & Analytics
  • Mobile, Multiplatform & Emerging Platform Applications

We take powerful technology and give it purpose, focusing on your business goals and discovering the best way to achieve them.

Custom App Dev, Integration & CMS Offerings

Our solutions are meticulously crafted to tailor fit our clients, because we know the impact it creates. Our application development is results driven, focused on business goals and user centric. With new technology and process comes a learning curve, we build, test, then integrate so that our applications fit seamlessly into your business. Our products are more than just add-ons, they are integral enterprise tools, meant to enhance how you do business.

We define the key elements of each project and how each asset will interact. The architecture of a solution helps define how to create a model that is efficient, sustainable, agile and adaptable.
We mold solutions to fit business, not the other way around. We believe in helping our clients grow in their own way, that’s why we provide unique technology and strategy to deliver a solution that feels like a natural extension of your enterprise.
Cloud computing is a trademark of modern business. Enabling cloud technology gives clients the power to access and manage information with more freedom. It pivots away from investing more in infrastructure and allows our clients to focus more on the core of their business.
When we deliver an innovative new solution, we also ensure that our clients are able to integrate and maintain it easily. We help clients get to deployment more efficiently with a continuous pipeline to production, automated testing, and scripted deployments. Our efforts focus on shortening the testing period while increasing production value. We also track performance and success factors from both the user and IT perspective.
When dealing with tech heavy solutions it’s important to ensure that each system is working together seamlessly. We link subsystems to create one cohesive platform that is easier to manage with less room for error. We leverage data and business logic, using systems already in place to optimize output, rather than duplicating work. We reorganize and prioritize systems for maximum impact.
Gathering research and analytics then applying it to a solution is key to creating impact. We give our clients the power to collect data on their users and employees, with operational dashboards coupled with robust monitoring and reporting functionality. But it’s not enough just to collect data, we help our clients use data to position their business and develop new strategies.
Mobile interaction is a great example of how technology has completely revolutionized our industry. Not only are we capable of sleek and responsive mobile applications, but we keep up with cutting edge innovations. Whether it’s virtual reality, augmented reality or even a screen-less experience, we outfit our clients with the technology they need to navigate the future.
Many businesses take advantage of Consumer Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products but realize their limitations. We can modify existing COTS products to offer more customized experiences without having to overhaul an entire system. We can stitch together a solution that feels like a custom product, but with the same COTS foundation.

Our clients’ needs are diverse as they are specific, Veracity is equipped with the knowledge and technology to assist any business. Our unique solutions integrate seamlessly, invigorate your business and are built to last. Our process starts before any development work, with strategy and planning; then continues post implementation through in-depth support. We iterate, test and repeat until your product is perfect.