We’re Ambassadors for Your Consumers, Creating Design & Experiences That Work.

We Design Smart and Engaging Solutions that Start with Understanding Your Consumer.

Our design team offers omni-channel, end-to-end solutions. Whether we are simply implementing the visual details or leading the team through full campaign development, we live and breathe your customers to fully understand their world, going beyond demographics, to contextualize their experiences into engaging solutions.

All of our design solutions are highly focused on the end user, with prototyping, iterative feedback, and rapid development techniques being a crucial part of the process.

Focus Areas
  • Digital Strategy & User Research
  • User Experience & Design
  • Front End Dev & Interaction Design
  • Content Strategy & Content Creation Services

Breathing Life into Business Through Modern Design & Creative Content.

Brand Experience Design Offerings

The Consumer Experience Journey goes beyond a single brand interaction or a single channel. Instead, the journey weaves through multiple touchpoints across many channels, both online and offline. Our approach is to design a cohesive brand experience that threads together multiple touchpoints into a seamless experience.

Businesses find themselves in different states of maturity and facing unique challenges, we come alongside our clients to help them navigate the business landscape. Our industry expertise and specialization in transformation uniquely positions us to lead efforts for our clients, from strategy through execution.
We can partner with your team to design an entire omni-channel campaign or even just fulfill one aspect of your brand experience such as a website, mobile app, or a campaign landing page. While we love to work with our clients to design the entire life cycle, we are more than happy to lend our services to bring an idea into reality.
We work hand-in-hand with our clients to examine and re-engineer or reinvigorate their service experience through creating a cohesive journey across all channels and touch-points. By mapping the customer journey canvas, our team will help draw conclusions and pave a path to strengthen consumer relationships across every interaction.
Our workshop-based sessions are focused on building stronger consumer interactions and deeper engagement. Our sessions generate conversation and are highly focused on the user. We define user pain-points and empathize to understand their perspective; then iterate, prototype and test until completion. Our goal is to collect insights and receive feedback that we can translate into value for users.
Using rapid prototype cycles, we can quickly bring an idea into action and thoroughly test with the business to shorten time to market and improve the consumer experience.
Veracity is well versed in creating user journeys to both visualize the way users currently interact and to paint the desired picture of how they should interact in the future. Through a series of workshop-based sessions, our team will work to visualize the scenario and paint a picture to better understand and achieve desirable behaviors from the end user. We can create more traditional journeys, or begin to take more life-like approaches with which the team can interact.
Inflexible and unadaptable internal digital assets (UX standards, digital design, and front-end code) can be a hindrance to rapid change. Veracity can help you develop adaptable and reusable digital assets that can be used by internal and external developers and designers to quickly and effectively create new digital products and initiatives.
We develop strategy for how content is created, maintained, and delivered, as well as focus on how your content is accessed, organized, and used to ensure that it meets the needs of both your business and your users.

From prototyping ideas to developing a full campaign, we have the experience and expertise to get you where you need to be. Together we can improve your consumer experience journey.