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We're ambassadors for your users, creating designs and experiences that work.

From prototyping to full experience transformation, we help our clients solve their users’ biggest challenges.

Understanding that the customer journey is never a singular touch point, our team is well versed in designing across multiple channels to create a unified brand experience.

Your platform is only as powerful as the experience it supports.

The Veracity team brings deep human-centered design expertise coupled with leading-edge technology to every project. We approach each engagement by fully understanding how your business works and how your users engage, and applying the right systems thinking. Our design team offers omni-channel, end-to-end solutions. Whether we are simply implementing the visual details or leading the team through full enterprise transformation, we live and breathe your users to fully understand their world, going beyond demographics, to contextualize their experiences into engaging solutions.

Brand Experience Areas of Focus

The customer or member experience journey goes beyond a single brand interaction or a single channel. Instead, the journey weaves through multiple touchpoints across many channels, both online and off. Our approach is to design a cohesive brand experience that threads together multiple touchpoints into a seamless experience. From prototyping ideas to developing a full brand engagement, we have the experience and expertise to get you where you need to be. Let’s work together to improve your users journey.

  • User and Design Research
  • Digital and Experience Strategy
  • Rapid Innovation Concepting
  • Full Omni-Channel Experience Design Services
  • Immersive Digital Environments
  • Usability Testing and User Testing
  • Analytics and Metrics Strategy
  • Accessibility Strategy and Design
  • Content Strategy, Content Creation and Copywriting (Including Taxonomy)
  • SEO Strategy and Re-Engineering
  • Application Architecture, Design, and Development
  • Responsive Web Site Development
  • Single Page Apps (Spas)
  • Framework Proficiency from React to Angular to Vue to "Vanilla JavaScript"