Advisory Consulting

Leverage Our Industry Expertise and Agile Practices for Every Aspect of Your Business.

Building Business for Flexibility, Teamwork, and Customer Satisfaction

In this ever-changing world, businesses find themselves in different states of maturity and facing unique challenges. We come alongside our clients to help them navigate the business landscape. Our industry expertise and specialization in transformation uniquely positions us to lead efforts for our clients, from strategy through execution.

Focus Areas
  • Strategic Planning
  • Product Roadmap Development
  • Program & Portfolio Management & Execution
  • IT & Digital Strategy
  • Client Implementations
  • Process Optimization & Governance
  • Lean-Agile Coaching & Implementation

Transformation is a journey, Veracity is there from beginning to end.

Advisory Consulting Offerings

Veracity is uniquely positioned because we have modern technology, innovative design and the business services that tie everything together. Our process accounts for every aspect of business ensuring that our work is holistic and our solutions are impactful.

From the start of a new project engagement to post-implementation support, we ensure everything aligns with a detailed strategy. But our plans don’t just provide strategic goals, we also give our clients actionable measures to achieve these goals and set them on the path to success early.
We create detailed roadmaps on how to reach end-goals. Whether it’s a new product or existing service, we plan out the entire process but also the little steps along the way. This method helps to define specific actions and technologies, while displaying the project in a way that’s easy to grasp.
We chart every touchpoint users experience along their journey so we know where we can improve interaction. This method gives us a holistic view of the user, ensures the end product instills value and establishes a cohesive flow of interaction.
We understand your business, the values you uphold and the goals you’re working towards. We optimize your current programs and can even propose brand new ideas that align with your goals. Grow your business through our program management, where we break down steps toward building a quality portfolio and boosting the value of your services.
Through our guidance on modern IT and Digital practices, we’ve helped clients discover more modern ways to engage. We introduce new maintenance practices, make use of current technology and increase impact through aligning detailed digital strategy. We grow your online market share by providing new ways to optimize your business in the digital landscape.
From the start, our implementations boost the performance of your business and increase customer satisfaction. We change the face business with seamless implementations that are efficient, on-time, on-budget and drive brand value. We ensure all contractual requirements are met but also guarantee initial interactions are positive. We guide clients through every stage from planning to execution, reinforcing modern business practices and technology.
The future is fast, oftentimes our clients are running an antiquated process slowing down their process. To make our clients more lean and efficient we optimize process and governance to accelerate service. We leverage lean principles to reach faster output at a reduced cost. Through practical governance and management, we build stronger businesses by finding simple solutions.
We show our clients how to take a Lean-Agile approach to business. This method is swift a more adaptable to changes. It fosters innovation and allows for continuous improvement meaning fail fast, learn, and try again. We give a deeper understanding of business objectives throughout the organization, and the opportunity for greater transparency at all levels when people can “walk the Agile talk.”

Our job isn’t complete until we’ve made waves of positive change for our clients. We take our industry experience and pair it with new ideas and technology to usher in a new era of modern business. It’s not enough to deliver a product, we want to see progress and help our clients grow into the future.